look ma, I art good!?1!


4 responses to “look ma, I art good!?1!

  1. cat might be a stretch! a four-cillia-ed demonic alien that can transmit thoughts through its antenna might be closer to the truth. On the other hand, when closer to truth, you’re closer to knowledge…and knowledge is power…and power is half the battle…with THAT battle out of the way, the war is won! Who needs to study for exams when WARS can be won!

    • lol, thanks for that insightful insight…..where’d you get your pants from? the “insights my pants”? BOOM! …… now THAt’s a million dollar idea right there, and guess where i found it……insiDE my pants! BoOm! …. but i’ll take care of the ADD riddled comments =D lol

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