original super mario on your browser!



so you can play super mario bros – the original one….you know…with all the lag (see: i keep losing looking for some cheat codes)

you can play it directly from your browser (chrome or firefox), just click this http://www.fullscreenmario.com/index.html

best skins ever – installation guide

all of the latest and greatest videos on my main youtube channel,

also check out my wedding videos channel (much bigger and “pro” projects)

rasim’s wedding video

a project we’ve been working on for the last month or so, not as awesome production value as usama’s wedding video, but still does a good job showing the rasim we all grew up with

oh me…..ur so awesome (…also old)

party at krispy kreme tonight, ALL of my readers are invited….. so i guess i’ll call them and make a reservation for 6 (my mom, dad and cat are also coming) so i guess you 3 can carpool or something….. see what i did there 😉

happy victoria day!

unrelated but still somehow right…anyways, stop reading my random babblings and get out there and start making secrets of your own…….okay, now i think i’m REALLy losing sight of what this day is all about……victory………….or something….right?

silly simon goes to starbucks

happy birthday goosey goo goo….

39 years ago today, something important happened......probably, i don't know i'm not a telepathetic!...but a few years after that my good friend was born......HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!! (what you think? i forgot? =p) = he can be seen being awesome in the most recent "SHEESH SESSION"......i had to :p =



first snow fall!! kamikaze flakes

the first snowfall!!! nov 17th 2011
just me talking about some silky smooth snowflakes