another year



so guess what…….. i’m old…..yeah that’s right, older than you!  seems like i can attract a lot of young kids to my website…… maybe a different sort of website…….. is in order? …. or maybe not, look the point is: another year has gone by and it’s times like these where you reflect on what the eff you did over the last 365 days….. and invariably you come to the conclusion that you need to make changes…. like me for example: still need to be less people and STILL need to keep fighting off DA ladies, so with this in mind i’ve started teaching my own martial arts classes!!!  it’s a hybrid between “eating a lot” and “regretting a lot”…… i dunno, let’s see how it works with the first batch of students errr…. cookies. regardless happy cake day to meeeeee 😀

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