who am you this weekend?

i'm in between the two, more of a sarcasmatron or an obesotron...... actually if you consider my ability to seek out and close down buffets i'm more of a "big fat cheap brown guy with huge biceps and good looks"....... oh MAN do i have good looks, we're talking "charles darwin meets denzel washington and makes a baby and then that baby grows up and makes babies with rob schneider" i'm THAt good looking .....so yeah....kind of a big deal =p

sheesh session – ipad 3, whitney houston (rip), jeremey lin and toilet paper – COMING SOON

if you don't already know about sheesh sessions, check them out - random discussions with my friends about some recent things and stuffs.........captain ambiguous strikes again! ....anyways, the 3rd installment is coming VERY soon!

lady gaga killed kermit……also, she is special =D

oh lady gaga, the epitome of special...meanwhile i really like adele and her awesomefully powerful giant voice. reminds me of the power rangers megazord, no no, not charizard....burnt down my parents house trying to emulate him one halloween.....stupid flamer