facebook timeline? no taaanks lady…

dont' believe me? go check out my "awsm blssm" facebook page and let's be "friends"...... but thats it! no further, i'm not doing another one of those online "hey let's meet up and make babies" type things.....learnt my lesson the last time *scratches privates (not the military ones...)

why taxi when u cud ambulance?

lucky for me, i don't believe in walking!....rolling..... driving.....and eating...these are the three main methods of commute for me...the last one gets you an express ride to any hospital in your area =D WIN!

massage reality

for those of you who, like me, just keep doing the same thing until they start complaining again....then we ask for our turn =D

valentines day = cancelled

valentines day cancelled

this msg brought to you by: math

highschool vs. university grades and what they mean

story of my life.....thats sad and funny at the same time


engineering vs. science vs. arts

yeah i ask that last question many times a day =p