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yet another true story bro…

sooooo many true stories bro….so few doughnuts….somehow they’re related

facebook timeline? no taaanks lady…

dont' believe me? go check out my "awsm blssm" facebook page and let's be "friends"...... but thats it! no further, i'm not doing another one of those online "hey let's meet up and make babies" type things.....learnt my lesson the last time *scratches privates (not the military ones...)

sheesh session – ipad vs playbook, ambulances and noodles

in the bowl: grape mint flavor tobacco

topics: ambulances, blackberry playbook vs. apple ipad, chow mein vs. lo mein noodles

me and some friends discuss a variety of random topics while enjoying an awesome blossom bowl of grapemint shisha or as we call it, da sheesh.

very random discussion while smoking shisha (aka sheesh session)