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lumia 920 vs galaxy note 2 – bigger isn’t always gooder =(

nokia lumia 920 vs samsung galaxy s3 – in depth review

a new look to my reviews!

devices courtesy of: (for all your wireless needs)

nokia lumia 920 vs samsung galaxy s3
an in depth look at:
– physical features
– operating system
– web browsing
– app store
– camera interface
– typing

review style inspired by youtube users: “lockergnome” and “the verge”

nokia e71 vs. blackberry curve 8900 (with silly simon)

unlocked Nokia e71 versus the locked blackberry curve 8900 (javelin)

i couldn’t discern any big difference between the two… so i had to try them both out:

-heavier/taller than curve
-camera isn’t as vivid as curve
-keyboard is harder to use (learning curve)
-2.5mm headset jack
-no dedicated camera autofocus button
-attracts fingerprints on back/ front (metal areas)
-more customizable OS (s60v3)
-additional vga camera on front
-11mm thick
-$100 + data from rogers

curve 8900:
-back panel is plastic
-microSD slot is beneath back cover
-no 3g
-have to pay for a lot of apps
-$200 + data from rogers
-amazing display 480×360
-trackball is basically a desktop mouse
-keyboard is easier to type with
-camera pictures seem more vivid than e71
-emailing is a blackberry thing
-3.5mm headphone jack
-dedicated camera button