lumia 920 vs galaxy note 2 – bigger isn’t always gooder =(

nokia lumia 920 vs samsung galaxy s3 – in depth review

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nokia lumia 920 vs samsung galaxy s3
an in depth look at:
– physical features
– operating system
– web browsing
– app store
– camera interface
– typing

review style inspired by youtube users: “lockergnome” and “the verge”

iphone 4s vs iphone 5 in depth – camera comparison (they are NOT EQUALs!!)

blackberry bold touch 9900 vs iphone 4 (with silly simon)

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an awesome blossom review / comparison of the iphone 4 and the blackberry bold touch 9900, both running on wifi.

bold touch 9900
-keyboard + trackpad + touch screen
-5MP camera, 720p video recording
-good browser
-great for typing, txting, emailing etc.

-not the greatest camera / video recorder (compared to iphone 4)
-price? (at this point)