my special class – annoying people in class

(you can skip the 1min intro :p) – about some of the annoying people in class – awesome blossom style =D

if you’ve ever attended a large class in university or college, i’m sure you’ve seen these special people!

annoying people include:
-the blocker: the big guy who always blocks the row of seats
-the foreign prof: usually european or brown, most commonly found in math related courses
-the inconsiderate eater: oblivious of how loud he’s being with his food
-the know it all: he’s smarter than the prof!
-the nerdz0rs: the overzealous brown noser, usually has a lame personal anecdote to share
-the “special” group: friends who attend class together, and usually spend their time fooling around and distracting others
-the annoying “couple”: typically a guy and a girl =p – usually spend their class time making out or distracting everyone with their PDA

yay school!! =D

6 responses to “my special class – annoying people in class

  1. Oh my goodness. And here I thought only us teachers got annoyed as hell by this stuff. You left out the students surfing the web to shop for dresses, label FB pictures, and watch porn (yes, I have seen this). Even that damn squirrelly, laser -pointer thing. I HATE that.

    • that’s actually pretty good, can’t believe i missed those personalities. especially “the shopper”, usually girls shopping for dresses / shoes on ebay. lol i still don’t get why profs allow laptops in some classes that clearly don’t require the use of one.

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