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today’s pics





today’s pics






rabicon – inside the mango (a mockumentary)

be sure to watch the actual rabicon commercial it’s my very first actual parody commercial!!! =D

silly simon goes deep with the iphone 4s vs iphone 5

a slightly more tame silly simon takes a deep look into the iphone 5 vs the iphone 4s, giving a quick overview of all the features while staying in touch with his silly side.

iphone 5 review (jeero)

silly simon plays tennis

don’t believe me? this is EXactly how he sounds


samsung galaxy s3 unboxing

be sure to check out the in depth review of the s3 done by jeero

and the comparison video of the s3 vs. the iphone 4s

samsung galaxy s3 review – jeero


haven’t reviewed a phone in a while, and i just got a new one… why not milk it a little eh?

check out the unboxing video, and the comparison videos as well…they’re sub par!! =D

this weekend is looking promising…

as i see it, you can either do this or go stand in line for the dark knight

helloooooooo kitty…

cause nothing spells thug lyfe quite like taking a picture of yourself flexing using a hello kitty camera

meeeeeeeeeOW cat doesn't make faces.......he just licks himself.........while he sits in my lap.....that jackass....trying to make me jealous cause i can't even see my "lickables"

awsm abs… *spoiler: can use to cut cookies too!!

used this for one week gut resumed it's epic roundness within minutes....... i now use this as a sort of "cookie cutter" and no! i'm not eating cookies that look like mens' abs.....who do you think i am? silly simon!?!

too much time? (youtube: “awsm blssm” ;)

oh the energy these two must have used up to make these signs, they could have spent that time watching my videos on youtube....seriously, they have way too much time..... i spend my time making one awsm video then spamming it all over the (go search: "silly simon goes to starbucks" you won't be disappointed 😉

gaud, why y u no take?