iphone 5 review (jeero)

samsung galaxy s3 unboxing

be sure to check out the in depth review of the s3 done by jeero

and the comparison video of the s3 vs. the iphone 4s

samsung galaxy s3 review – jeero


haven’t reviewed a phone in a while, and i just got a new one…..so why not milk it a little eh?

check out the unboxing video, and the comparison videos as well…they’re sub par!! =D

1 out of every 4 ……..

i think they mean 1 out of every 4 personalities is ..... REALLY!?! NO one got that reference?!?! go watch my jeero, silly simon or olav videos, oh and take notes i'll be quizzing you 😉 ....... not sure why i winked there

iphone 4 vs blackberry torch 9860 (with silly simon)

iphone 4 vs torch 9860 presented by silly simon

special thanks to http://www.linkitup.ca,
located in mississauga near dundas and hurontario

check out their website for all of your mobile accessories


my special class – annoying people in class

(you can skip the 1min intro :p) – about some of the annoying people in class – awesome blossom style =D

if you’ve ever attended a large class in university or college, i’m sure you’ve seen these special people!

annoying people include:
-the blocker: the big guy who always blocks the row of seats
-the foreign prof: usually european or brown, most commonly found in math related courses
-the inconsiderate eater: oblivious of how loud he’s being with his food
-the know it all: he’s smarter than the prof!
-the nerdz0rs: the overzealous brown noser, usually has a lame personal anecdote to share
-the “special” group: friends who attend class together, and usually spend their time fooling around and distracting others
-the annoying “couple”: typically a guy and a girl =p – usually spend their class time making out or distracting everyone with their PDA

yay school!! =D

blackberry bold touch 9900 vs iphone 4 (with silly simon)

special thanks to:
link it up (located at dundas and hurontario in mississauga, ontario)

an awesome blossom review / comparison of the iphone 4 and the blackberry bold touch 9900, both running on wifi.

bold touch 9900
-keyboard + trackpad + touch screen
-5MP camera, 720p video recording
-good browser
-great for typing, txting, emailing etc.

-not the greatest camera / video recorder (compared to iphone 4)
-price? (at this point)

sheesh sessions – coming soon =D


my special class bloopers

credits, bloopers and alternate ending for “my special class”

best skins ever (watch and phone) (with jeero)

review of the best skins ever for my watch, please to buy from the website:


they have the skin for the phone and for the mac dewice.
thank you,

i really happreciate

blackberry bold 9900 review (with jeero)

this my first weedeo, i make the review on the new blackberry bold touch 9900.

i show you camera, email, peejja depot.

thanks for you