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blackberry passport 30 day challenge – day 20 (driving, google mApps, games, battery and gym creep)

day 20 – Summary

1) i miss my android device more than iphone 6 (day 10)
2) easier to type while walking and not worth it while driving
3) google maps provide turn by turn navigation, i miss my other google apps
4) full screen videos have large bars on top + bottom
5) games and apps run well otherwise
6) screen res’ is awsm, great for browsing and reading, not so much for videos
7) can’t use in the gym / in your pocket
8) camera takes forever to launch

Day 1:
Day 10:

Reasons to get a blackberry now:
Passport unboxing:

this weekend is looking promising…

as i see it, you can either do this or go stand in line for the dark knight

helloooooooo kitty…

cause nothing spells thug lyfe quite like taking a picture of yourself flexing using a hello kitty camera

wrong fook… (wth is a “fook”?)

who the eff reeds anymore anyways?! pfft


… science

… today’s the big day!

…. had my baby cousin over recently

… not bad bro

… eff … it happened again

…yet another true story bro

… like a blue screen boss!

… the einstein dog

… i see what you did there

… not a hipstor