blackberry passport 30 day challenge – day 20 (driving, google mApps, games, battery and gym creep)

day 20 – Summary

1) i miss my android device more than iphone 6 (day 10)
2) easier to type while walking and not worth it while driving
3) google maps provide turn by turn navigation, i miss my other google apps
4) full screen videos have large bars on top + bottom
5) games and apps run well otherwise
6) screen res’ is awsm, great for browsing and reading, not so much for videos
7) can’t use in the gym / in your pocket
8) camera takes forever to launch

Day 1:
Day 10:

Reasons to get a blackberry now:
Passport unboxing:

gaming has seen better days

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different colours of the world….well not really

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usama’s wedding video

some fond memories of our dear friend usama v.ย re-enacted

even if you don’t know him, i’m sure you’ll enjoy the outrageousness and effects in the video =)

oh me…..ur so awesome (…also old)

party at krispy kreme tonight, ALL of my readers are invited….. so i guess i’ll call them and make a reservation for 6 (my mom, dad and cat are also coming) so i guess you 3 can carpool or something….. see what i did there ๐Ÿ˜‰

happy victoria day!

unrelated but still somehow right…anyways, stop reading my random babblings and get out there and start making secrets of your own…….okay, now i think i’m REALLy losing sight of what this day is all about……victory………….or something….right?

8 out of 75 use facebook…!

go to and "like" the sadness there!.....nothin sad about that..... aside from the fact that out of 50-100 daily visitors here, only 8 seem to go on facebook...GUYS it's 2012!..... you have to get on that facebook trend eventually...before it's too in before facebok transforms into a real life robot composed entirely of faces (books for the private parts.....because it can)

i can has friends? =D

yeah, that's right, i ALREADY have 2 likes... you know what that means?..........seriously do you? i don't know wth THAT meanS!!!!!! go like me*, on facebook!! =D *we're just friends bro!