today’s pics





today’s pics

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books? where we’re going we don’t need book

who reads words nowadays any ways? as a matter of fact i don't even like anything that sounds like manual, the name Manuel or the word "annual". (read: i think i have problems)

special browser is special

and that's precisely why i don't use the fact, even this post was mailed to my friend 4 days ago so HE could post it online. WHAt's that?! am i a time machine? dumbass, i'm a time traveller sent back from the past to the future in order to stop the world from going stupid.....PARADOXXX .....the adult you might be asking yourself "wtf just happened?!" and you would be correct.....INCEpTION!.
....okay, so next time i think i won't have 3 cups of coffee before posting