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what time is it?

you know what else is happening now? …..this! ….actually it’s like 2 months old, but it’s SO not yesterday

too much time? (youtube: “awsm blssm” ;)

oh the energy these two must have used up to make these signs, they could have spent that time watching my videos on youtube....seriously, they have way too much time..... i spend my time making one awsm video then spamming it all over the (go search: "silly simon goes to starbucks" you won't be disappointed 😉

Coming soon – Sheesh sessions 2


Heading your way in the near future. Not vague at all!

sheesh session – ipad vs playbook, ambulances and noodles

in the bowl: grape mint flavor tobacco

topics: ambulances, blackberry playbook vs. apple ipad, chow mein vs. lo mein noodles

me and some friends discuss a variety of random topics while enjoying an awesome blossom bowl of grapemint shisha or as we call it, da sheesh.

very random discussion while smoking shisha (aka sheesh session)