today’s pics – iphone 6

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silly simon goes deep with the iphone 4s vs iphone 5

a slightly more tame silly simon takes a deep look into the iphone 5 vs the iphone 4s, giving a quick overview of all the features while staying in touch with his silly side.

iphone 5 review (jeero)

buggy iphone 5

1st world problems……need iPhone 5!!!

the iphone 5 just got released today……anyone wanna buy me one? and in so doing jump to the FRont of the “become my friend” line up…..yeah there’s a line, i just don’t have the need to advertise it….unlike SOME people……….now do you see why i stopped captioning these pictures? :p

iphone 4 vs blackberry torch 9860 (with silly simon)

iphone 4 vs torch 9860 presented by silly simon

special thanks to,
located in mississauga near dundas and hurontario

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iphone 4 vs iphone 4s (silly simon)

comparison of the iphone 4 and the NEW iphone 4s, presented by silly simon

not sure what happened with the video quality 😦