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silly simon goes deep with the iphone 4s vs iphone 5

a slightly more tame silly simon takes a deep look into the iphone 5 vs the iphone 4s, giving a quick overview of all the features while staying in touch with his silly side.

and thus the helmet cam was invented

pfft, who uses point and shoot cameras anymore?
"iphone, baby", this is what i call siri, "get in my mouth!"......and somehow......still single.... i don't get it!!!!!

motherboy + siri = lols

siri = super intuitive really internet! <-- not sure why apple decided to call it that, but either way. here we have a loser using siri to make dinner reservations for his hot date, what's wrong buddy? seal eat your hands? ....... HAHAha, oh siri! your balls are like the falls, big, powerful and once you start going down on them, you can't come back up (the canadian side, not U.S =P)"

iphone 4 vs blackberry torch 9860 (with silly simon)

iphone 4 vs torch 9860 presented by silly simon

special thanks to,
located in mississauga near dundas and hurontario

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iphone 4 vs iphone 4s (silly simon)

comparison of the iphone 4 and the NEW iphone 4s, presented by silly simon

not sure what happened with the video quality 😦