now who’s stupid?!

krispy kreme diet works bro!

oh me…..ur so awesome (…also old)

party at krispy kreme tonight, ALL of my readers are invited….. so i guess i’ll call them and make a reservation for 6 (my mom, dad and cat are also coming) so i guess you 3 can carpool or something….. see what i did there 😉

2012: no tv, just holograms

and yet somehow it’s my fault that starbucks just came out with a new fattuccino and some new cakes…….i can’t be held responsible for what i put in my face hole (mouth)…..i blame society!

dam you doughnuts…..dam you….

and THAts why i wear muscle shirts, cause my stupid fat covers the now my muscle shirt.....covers my....fat..... in some alternate universe that makes sense