decisions decisions

oh the tough decisions we face on a regular basis, this one is the story of my life, but more often than not, i end up getting tired of thinking and just doing the dirty dance going to sleep

now who’s stupid?!

krispy kreme diet works bro!

oh me…..ur so awesome (…also old)

party at krispy kreme tonight, ALL of my readers are invited….. so i guess i’ll call them and make a reservation for 6 (my mom, dad and cat are also coming) so i guess you 3 can carpool or something….. see what i did there 😉

…..this is a cat

today: a cat stands up on two legs…tomorrow: i stand up!…….gasp! you guys thought i could move around?
well i can, i just choose not to…..because when you have a “gold card” for krispy kreme, they deliver straight to your mouth

looks legit……

looks totally i bought a few packs. lets see what grows out of these bad boys, worst case scenario they can be used as earrings......or some sort of insect floatation device.....can't really think of any other uses....

sheesh session 2 – SOPA, chocolate bars, and super happy fun time

in the bowl: guava and mint tobacco
topics: SOPA, chocolate bars and super happy fun time

me and some friends discuss a variety of random topics while enjoying an awesome blossom bowl of grapemint shisha or as we call it, da sheesh.

very random discussion while smoking shisha (aka sheesh session)

Coming soon – Sheesh sessions 2


Heading your way in the near future. Not vague at all!