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yeah…i think we’ll be just fine

2012: no tv, just holograms

and yet somehow it’s my fault that starbucks just came out with a new fattuccino and some new cakes…….i can’t be held responsible for what i put in my face hole (mouth)…..i blame society!

8 out of 75 use facebook…!

go to and "like" the sadness there!.....nothin sad about that..... aside from the fact that out of 50-100 daily visitors here, only 8 seem to go on facebook...GUYS it's 2012!..... you have to get on that facebook trend eventually...before it's too in before facebok transforms into a real life robot composed entirely of faces (books for the private parts.....because it can)

how to draw…the end of the world

seen above is my (see: "not actually mine") artistic rendition of how i imagine the world will end. unicorns have babies with pac-men with horse shoe mouths and swirly marbles have porcupine quills......what, it could happen!..... save us meteor man!! (MaYbe 1 other person will get that reference to the early 90s.... who am i kidding, you all know who i'm talking about)