look at it…LOOK AT IT!!!!1!

giraffes are natures …..giraffe……can you tell that i’ve given up? lol

milestone! =D…now go check it out

now at 500,000+ views overall, thanks silly simon and your silliness

what time is it?

you know what else is happening now? …..this! ….actually it’s like 2 months old, but it’s SO not yesterday

pfft, i used to DRive the cool kids to school…still do :(

back of the bus?!?!…could it be? am i racist?………..CAPITAL LETTERS TRANSITION!: i usually just get my own bus, the kinds you see at the airport…..with doors that open wide enough for a hippo to pass through!….or just one really hungry hungry ‘blogger’
no, not because they force me to! it’s totally by choice!…..sadly not mine 😦

8 out of 75 use facebook…..science!

go to facebook.com/awsmblssm and "like" the sadness there!.....nothin sad about that..... aside from the fact that out of 50-100 daily visitors here, only 8 seem to go on facebook...GUYS it's 2012!..... you have to get on that facebook trend eventually...before it's too late......as in before facebok transforms into a real life robot composed entirely of faces (books for the private parts.....because it can)

oooh, i see what you did there ;) ….

wait, WHAT DOES IT SAY BEHIND THE PLAY SIGN!!!!!?!?!??!??!??!?!!!111234!!?

and thus the helmet cam was invented

pfft, who uses point and shoot cameras anymore?
"iphone, baby", this is what i call siri, "get in my mouth!"......and somehow......still single.... i don't get it!!!!!

gaud, why y u no take?

motherboy + siri = lols

siri = super intuitive really internet! <-- not sure why apple decided to call it that, but either way. here we have a loser using siri to make dinner reservations for his hot date, what's wrong buddy? seal eat your hands? ....... HAHAha, oh siri! your balls are like the falls, big, powerful and once you start going down on them, you can't come back up (the canadian side, not U.S =P)"